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The benefits




Cold forging – the benefits

The plastic deformation process used by cold mass forming offers a range of benefits over processes such as machining, pressure die casting, deep drawing, stamping or bending. As an instantaneous method of forming, it guarantees short manufacturing times and high production volumes per time unit. In most cases, the use of material does not change from the first through to the last step. The resulting material savings make this a highly cost-effective production method.

Cold forging leaves the fibre flow of the blank intact, enabling workpieces to withstand much higher levels of strain. The surfaces of the produced components benefit from extremely good roughness values as well as dimensional and form accuracy.

Bewegtes Maschinenbild

Economic benefits

  • Savings of up to more than 90%
  • Pressing/milling to enable single-sided machining (reduced machining time)
  • Significant time savings compared to metal cutting methods
  • No reworking necessary


Technical benefits

  • Unrivalled pressed parts thanks to netshape geometry
  • Status change without quenching and tempering when forming
  • Diverse production possibilities (multiple stage versus single stage)
  • High dimensional and form accuracy