Cold forged parts for wide-ranging industrial sectors

At work across wide-ranging industries

They are an indispensable element in practically every kind of industrial production: Cold forged parts such as bolts, sleeves or gear shaft blanks. These are also used inside electronic and mechanical products, for instance. The automation of cold forging has meant that they can be cheaply and efficiently produced. Cold forged parts from Walter Schneider brand also score due to the their extreme dimensional accuracy and surface quality, and are in high demand across a wide range of industries. Examples include the automotive sector, the fittings and connectors industry, handling and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, the food and animal feedstuffs industry … As awareness for the versatile benefits of cold forging continues to grow, cold forged parts are helping bring about improvements for ever more companies and sectors.

Plant and machine engineering
Fittings and furniture industry
Electrical industry
Food and animal feedstuffs industry