Impression Arbeitsaltag

Code of Conduct / Corporate principles


WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH is committed to sustainable business. We pursue the interests of the company on behalf of the shareholders, employees and the general public in equal measure. WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH respects the cultural, social, political and legal diversity of communities and nations. We observe the applicable laws and regulations imposed by the countries and regions in which we are active, and we reconcile our operational objectives with the requirements listed below. These principles are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. The employees of WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH act in accordance with these principles.

Human rights

WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH supports the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

Work environment

WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH is committed to the principle of the social market economy and of competition, rejects any form of forced or child labour, and pursues a policy of equal opportunity in recruitment and employment. We are committed to maintaining and continuously improving our high standard of occupational health and safety, and to ensuring compliance with statutory working hours regulations.

Quality / Environment / Energy

WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH supplies industrial customers with customized products manufactured in conformity with drawings. The key to success is understanding the expectations placed by customers in terms of quality, reliability and price. Quality is a central concern for the company management.
Its focal priorities are:

  • Compliance with customer requirements and expectations placed on all our products and services in respect of their suitability for use, performance, safety and reliability
  • The prevention of defects through effective quality planning and the application of controlled processes
  • Increasing the efficiency of all services at WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH
  • Inclusion of all employees in the quality assurance process and in striving to achieve the set quality targets
  • Introduction of a zero defects strategy through continuous process improvement
  • Restricting and reducing the use of environmentally harmful materials and production processes

WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH is committed to sustainability, particularly as regards protection of the environment. The company undertakes to protect the environment and ensure the achievement and continuous improvement of energy efficiency with in the framework of its executed corporate processes.

Management responsibility encompasses responsibility for:

  • The appropriate use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency in the company
  • Effective environmental protection in the company
  • The long-term reduction of energy consumption
  • The maintenance and conservation of natural resources
  • The prevention of environmentally hazardous incidents and the limitation of potential risks

WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH is committed to the principles of REACH and RoHS.
Our customer-specific products are evaluated in collaboration with our customers in accordance with REACH and RoHS.


We adhere to the rules of competition and antitrust law. We promote fair competition both inside and outside of our industrial sector. We disapprove of unfair competitive practices.


We view our suppliers as business partners with whom we cooperate in the marketplace on the basis of reliability, quality, a fair balance of interests and fair market conditions.
We expect of our suppliers only what is realistically feasible, but to a high standard of consistency and reliability.

Risk management

WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH aims to guarantee delivery capability at all times and to ensure adequate limitation of any arising damage. Risk management is targeted at procurement and production bottlenecks, elementary damage and any conceivable disasters.
The preparation and implementation of risk management measures falls within the responsibility of the Management.


WALTER SCHNEIDER GMBH opposes any form of corruption, including blackmail and bribery.

Data protection

Personal respect for employees includes also protection of their personal data. Consequently, Walter Schneider GmbH respects and adheres to the relevant applicable data protection regulations and expects its employees to do the same.

Internal organization for adherence to this code of conduct

Every department is responsible within its own sphere of competence for adherence to the regulations set out in this Code of Contact and other internally defined rules.
In case of a suspected breach of the principles and requirements laid out here, or should questions arise in connection with the Code of Conduct, please contact the staff member responsible for the department in question or the Management.